Our Angel. Our Feisty Fighter. Our Daughter.

Born 13 wks premature onĀ 1 Aug 2010, 2051

Went Home To The Lord on 26 Dec 2010, 1448

We miss you terribly.

We still think you are in the hospital, just like previous times, but the reality is, you aren’t.

You have left us. You are taken from us.

I’m still angry with God for taking you so soon, but I know I can’t stay angry with Him for long. The pain and the void can be so crippling on some days that I can’t breathe or sleep, and have to run back to Him for comfort and strength.

Click here for Leia’s memorial page.

Thanks to Cara for getting this done for us thru’ Carly Marie Dudley’s websites.
(a) To Write Their Names In The Sand
(b) The Butterfly Beach