So I’ve been letting this blog slide. The last time I wrote was exactly a year ago, on your birthday.

I’m not really sure what to say, I think you know what’s on my mind before the words are formed and even before I know if that’s what I really meant.

Your big brother always asks me to tell him a story during our car ride home from grandma’s. And your littlest brother, 33-months-old, seems to enjoy my silly tales too.

I have never told you any stories, and since today is your birthday, your 5th birthday, I will tell you one.

A little flower decided that it was done being a flower and living the rest of its life in the soil, doing the same thing every day like the rest of its family. 

“I’m going to fly away and see new things and be free,” the determined little flower told the rest of the flowers in the meadow.

The other flowers just nodded gently in the light breeze and ignored the little flower, thinking it was just being foolish. 

Then one day, a strong gust of wind blew through the meadow and kept blowing harder each time. The little flower stood straighter and thought the next time the wind blew, it would be able to fly away.

And indeed it did.

The little flower floated and flew through the air and felt as light as a bird. It could see all the other flowers in the meadow shaking their heads. But the little flower did not care what they thought. It was free. 

The little flower flew to different lands and saw many interesting sights. There were other flowers that were bigger and brighter. Trees that grew so tall and blocked out the sky above. There were huge animals that roamed through the lands and small ones living inside houses. It saw mountains that were green, then white and green again. Or waves that mostly rippled and sometimes roared at the darkened skies. 

As it traveled far and wide, and as the days became months, the little flower felt lonely and the many sights below did not excite it anymore. It longed to return to the meadows where the rest of his family and friends were. 

But no matter how much or how far the wind blew, the little flower just could not return to the meadow of its past. And just as suddenly the wind became a gentle breeze and the little flower found itself slowly floating back down to the ground. 

It looked around and found that it had landed on a patch of black soil. Suddenly the little flower felt that it was in the air again, and just as quickly, the little flower was stretched out a little by something and it was made to stand up straight. 

The little flower was puzzled and confused. As it tried to make sense of what had just happened, a gentle voice said, “Wonderful, Leia, you planted that pretty yellow flower in this flower pot all by yourself. Now, remember that this will be your flower and you have to take good care of it everyday.”

The little flower liked every word and felt it had come home afterall. 

Missing you lots, Leia. 

All the time. 


Mama, Papa and your brothers


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