1 Sep to 3 Sep 2010 – Days 32 to 34

1 Sep: Gained another 20 g. Weight is 1.255 kg

According to Chinese custom, our lil’ one is one month old but her corrected age is just 32 weeks old.

My aunty told me that my Feisty Fighter is an active girl and cries before her milk feeds.

I’ve read that for preemies of my daughter’s age when born, they can’t cry but those newborn wails will come in as they grow. So I suppose she has come to that stage already, which means she has reached a milestone. 🙂

2 Sep: Weighed in at 1.27 kg but seemed to require higher than usual oxygen (30-plus percent) cos of her desats. Retaining her milk feeds well.

The PD had told us that our lil’ one will outgrow this desats stage between the 34-36 weeks.

3 Sep: Reached 1.31 kg today. 🙂 
D and I are so hoping for her to quickly get her weight up so that she can at least be out of the incubator.